PASS Cape Cod

Positive Alternative to School Suspension

Cape Cod PASS Referral Process

Who can be referred to the Cape Cod PASS program?

  • High school students who could benefit from social emotional support, a therapeutic environment, and academic support.
  • Students can be referred by the schools for infractions including but not limited to:
    • Substance use
    • Violence /threats
    • Skipping class/truancy/ school avoidance
    • Support in waiting for additional services or returning from outside services

Group or peer infractions should be examined by schools. Staggering start dates or splitting up peers who are suspended from the same incident is recommended. Students who are suspended due to disagreements or altercations should be sent to PASS consecutively and not at the same time.

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First Steps:

  • The Google PASS Student Information and Parent/Guardian Release Forms need to be completed in their entirety prior to a student’s start date.
  • Once referred, the Intake Packet Folders should be provided to students and families and completed prior to attending PASS. Students must bring the completed and signed hard copy with them on the morning of their start date.
  • The Program Director will contact the school if space is not available and work with school on a new start date.


  • Parents/Guardians are responsible for transporting their student to Cape Cod PASS. *
  • The CCRTA has an hourly bus route to Centerville Recreation Building (524 Main Street) that picks up in front of the Barnstable Senior Center (a short walk from the high school). The CCRTA also offers “Dial a Drive” services that families can book that will pick the child up from home and return to home. Vouchers will be available to families for these services.
  • Schools are responsible for letting the PASS Program Director know if a student is a no-show to school if check-in at school prior to going to PASS is a school requirement.

*Taxi service may be offered in September 2022 but is not provided at this time.


  • The Vice Principal or a selected point person should email the student’s teachers with the student cc’d and ask to forward work, future assignments, or directions on what to complete to the PASS Student Support Director, Allie Janson,
  • Exams, quizzes, and tests can be scanned and sent to the PASS Student Support director, Allie Jason, for completion and will be scanned back to the assigned teacher.

Re-Entry Plan:

On a student’s last day, they will participate in a discussion and reflection with PASS Staff on their:

  • Infraction and ways to avoid future suspensions
  • Supports in school and out of school
  • Suggestions on ways their school can support them moving forward

PASS Staff will separately complete:

  • Summary of student engagement at PASS and any concerns we have.
    This can be expected to be sent to Student’s Vice Principal as well as their point people the afternoon before their return to school

Follow Ups:

  • A month after a student’s attendance the PASS Program Director will send a link to the Google SCHOOL RESPONSE FOLLOW-UP FORM to the school’s selected point person to fill out on the student’s behavior, attendance, and response since attending PASS.
  • Outer Cape Health Services (OCHS), will follow up with students who received referrals from PASS.
  • Students and/or families in need of additional resources should contact OCHS PASS Personnel for support