PASS Cape Cod

Positive Alternative to School Suspension

Who can be referred to the Cape Cod PASS program?

High school students (attending Barnstable, D-Y, Falmouth, Monomoy, Harwich Cape Tech, Sturgis East & West, Nauset and Nantucket) who could benefit from social emotional support, a therapeutic environment, and academic support. Students can be referred by the schools for infractions including but not limited to:

    • Substance use
    • Violence /threats*
    • Skipping class/truancy/ school avoidance
    • Support in waiting for additional services or returning from outside services

*referrals for violence/threats will be considered on a case by case basis.

Group or peer infractions should be examined by schools. Staggering start dates or splitting up peers who are suspended from the same incident is recommended. Students who are suspended due to disagreements or altercations should be sent to PASS consecutively and not at the same time.



Please email the PASS Program Director at BEFORE submitting a referral to ensure that there is space for the student. Space is limited, the program can host 6-8 students at a time.
Once space is confirmed, we encourage the team of school point person, parent/guardian and student to sit together (in person or over the phone) to complete the intake form as information from all parties is required. This will help avoid incomplete or inaccurate forms.
The intake form should be submitted at least 24 hours prior to the student’s start date. Once the intake is received and reviewed, a Welcome Email will be sent to the student, parent/guardian and school to confirm enrollment.


Parents/guardians are responsible for transporting the student to PASS. 

DART (DIAL-A-RIDE Transportation) is a direct door-to-door service that families can use to go to and from PASS. Cost is $3 each way. PASS has provided DART Ride passes for eligible families who need it. The schools will administer the passes as needed.

How to Reserve Your DART Ride

  • Before calling, be ready with your trip information. Please have your travel information, including the full and exact address of your destination.
  • Reservations must be made at least one weekday before you intend to travel. Same day changes and reservations are not permitted. Tuesday through Saturday reservations must be made by 12PM the weekday before you intend to travel. Reservations for Sunday and Monday (also Tuesday if Monday is a holiday) must be made by 5PM the Friday before you intend to travel.
  • Reservations are accepted by phone M-F 8AM-5PM. Please call (800) 352-7155 for reservations.


Students are asked to bring to PASS their school Chromebook or iPad, fully charged, to access school work through their online classrooms.

On the student’s first day at PASS, our Student Support will email their teachers to inform them on the student’s enrollment in PASS and request that any lessons, handouts, assignments, etc not found in the online classroom be forwarded to PASS so we can offer academic assistance.


On a student’s last day, they will participate in a discussion and reflection with PASS Staff on their:

  • Infraction and learned skills to use in the future to avoid suspensions and to support mental health
  • Supports in school and out of school
  • Suggestions on ways their school can support them moving forward

PASS Staff will separately complete:

  • Summary of student engagement at PASS 
  • Clinician Recommendations for additional services

Directly after the student’s completion of the program, an email will be sent with this information to the selected school point person, school adjustment counselor and the parent/guardian.

A Zoom call will be held 24-48 hours after program completion with the school point person, parent/guardian, student (optional) and PASS clinician. The clinician will go over the student’s engagement and recommendations made for additional services and support.


One month post PASS participation, the PASS Program Director will send a Google Form to the school’s selected point person to follow up about the student’s behavior, attendance, and response since attending PASS; and a Google Form will be sent to the student’s parent/guardian to follow up with students who received referrals for additional service.

Students and/or families in need of additional resources should contact OCHS PASS Personnel for support, Mary Kirby,