PASS Cape Cod

Positive Alternative to School Suspension

Who can be referred to the Cape Cod PASS program?

High school students who could benefit from social emotional support, a therapeutic environment, and academic support. Rather than a potentially harmful and unproductive punishment, school districts will have an option for students that provides them with a way forward. Students can be referred by the schools for infractions including but not limited to:

    • Substance Use
    • Skipping Class/Truancy/ School Avoidance
    • Violence/Threats*
    • Support in waiting for additional services or returning from outside services

*referrals for violence/threats will be considered on a case by case basis.

What's makes PASS an Alternative to Suspension?

Typically, students do not self-identify as needing support for mental health or substance use issues; and the school environment is not structured in a way that draws out these issues. During the PASS program assessment, the licensed counselor may well be the first person to ever ask these students about their mental health and substance use. Students with substance use and/or mental health issues will be identified and connected to services, including resources for substance use treatment and recovery. The clinical assessment step in the PASS program is crucial.

Students in the Cape Cod PASS program are in a safe and supportive environment, fertile soil for conversations and questions that elicit honest discussions about their mental health and substance use struggles. With this we can provide these teens with services early on.

  • They learn how to acknowledge their behavioral issues
  • They are provided with an understanding of their condition and reasons for the behavior
  • They learn about tools to manage these issues, including restorative justice practices
  • They benefit from a therapeutic environment where they are also able to access their academics.