PASS Cape Cod

Positive Alternative to School Suspension

Cape Cod's Positive Alternative to School Suspension

A Supportive Space for Academics & Self Discovery

The Cape Cod Pass Program is a safe and supportive environment for high school students facing suspension. The problem behavior that leads to suspension can indicate an underlying issue.

The moment of suspension is also a moment for intervention and a vital opportunity to change outcomes for these students. Students will benefit from a therapeutic environment where they are also able to access their academics.

If we can get ahead of the substance use and/or mental health issues that our community’s teens struggle with more and more, we will open a future of wellness, health, resilience, and productivity for a generation of young people.

Centerville Recreation Building


Expanding access to treatment and recovery support for Cape Cod  young people continues to drive our efforts at Behavioral Health Innovators. Building off recommendations from a Community Partnership Committee in 2019, BHI received a grant from The Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation to pilot a Positive Alternative to School Suspension (PASS) program[1].

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Rather than a potentially harmful and unproductive punishment, school districts will have an option for students that provides them with a way forward. Provided with assessment, programming, and services that will benefit them, these students can return to the classroom and find success.

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School Resources

Material and processes for the schools:
  • Referral Process
  • PASS Student Information and Parent/Guardian Release Forms
  • Collaboration with high schools and re-entry plan
  • Intake Forms
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Comments from PASS Students

  • “It’s a very comfortable environment and I think it’s very well set up. I feel very welcome here, like I’m being heard and understood even though we’re all strangers.”
  • “I felt welcomed and comfortable.”
  • “They helped me with my work.”