PASS Cape Cod

Positive Alternative to School Suspension

Cape Cod's Positive Alternative to School Suspension

A Supportive Space for Academics & Self Discovery

The Cape Cod Pass Program is a safe and supportive environment for high school students facing suspension. The problem behavior that leads to suspension can indicate an underlying issue. The moment of suspension is also a moment for intervention and a vital opportunity to change outcomes for these students. Students will benefit from a therapeutic environment where they are also able to access their academics.

If we can get ahead of the substance use and/or mental health issues that our community’s teens struggle with more and more, we will open a future of wellness, health, resilience, and productivity for a generation of young people.


"I think talking about how I felt about my life and life situations helped out so much."
Barnstable Student
10th Grade
"It's a very comfortable environment and I think it's very well set up. I feel very welcome here, like I'm being heard and understood even though we're all strangers."
Falmouth Student
11th Grade
"I loved that we were able to feel a sense of trust as soon as you step through the door."
D-Y Student
12th Grade